fresh fish

fresh fish · 01. December 2022
Mission +50 Perch 2.0 - Spain 2022
After a first trip to this lake a year before I wanted to give it another shot with the hope to catch some more MegaPerch. I had wind, rain, fog and sun but did I find some perch too? - Find out here!
fresh fish · 30. November 2021
Where the Mega Perch live - Spain 2021
My first time fishing for truly trophy perch in Spain!
fresh fish · 07. October 2019
another winter another Peacock Bass season which means another trip to Colombia. For the first time a professional film-maker joined us to document the whole trip. Enjoy!
fresh fish · 02. October 2017
for years I've never caught a pike really worth showing off... until today!
fresh fish · 29. June 2017
review on my perch season 2017.
fresh fish · 20. June 2016
fishing in Switzerland can be fun too...
fresh fish · 22. May 2014
nice perch, spring 2014.
fresh fish · 22. April 2014
first fish caught in Switzerland after leaving California in late 2013...
fresh fish · 19. June 2013
Thursday last week, as I wrote in the roadtrip post, I got up early in the morning to fish the small river along the camping. I just had a small spinner from the stop at Bass Pro the day before. I managed to hook six fish. Nothing big but at least something else than bass (of course they are still my favorite fish). I talked to a boy who told me that the trouts are stocked all season long. But they are still way nicer than what I know from switzerland. But the nature alone was worth the time I...
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