Colombia 2019: "Chasing Monster Peacock Bass"

As the years before, Peacock Bass were calling in 2019.

Since it's already the 10th trip chasing Peacock Bass together with my dear buddy Housi, I decided to step up our game a notch and invite our friend Andreas from T-Nerd Productions to join us. The idea was to finally realise a high quality video series about this kind of trip. Due to our short budget we could only do one week and not several, like the seasons before.

The destination was, as the years before, Colombia but this time we would visit a river new to us from which we already heard amazing stories from other anglers we met at the airport.


Instead of writing another report, this time the whole trip is documented in a series of videos. 

Now, I won't reveal too much but let's one thing be said, the fishing turned out way harder than expected and we hit the worst week in history of this camp, according to the camp owner. Despite that we still had a great time and even caught some nice fish but watch for yourself.

Part 1 - The Travel to Colombia

From Switzerland to the capital of Colombia, Bogota straight to the jungle.

Watch what long of a journey such a adventure means for us and how we still keep it fun, always!

Part 2 - The first fishing days

After arriving in the jungle, the program for the coming days is clear. Fishing!

The goal? - Huge Peacock Bass. Watch how the first days went by.

Part 3 - The fishing goes on

After an unexpected start the fishing stays difficult but giving up is no option for us so we keep casting for them monster fish swimming around somewhere in this beautiful river. 

Watch me catching my new PB, out of nowhere and on a prototype swimbait.

Part 4 - The last fishing days

More than half of the week is already over and Housi is still waiting for his double D fish.

Find out what the last days of fishing brought us.

Part 5 - The last episode

This trip is coming to an and, the last day of fishing is here followed by the long journey back home.

But not everything goes as planned...

If you made it through the whole series, thank you for watching!

Fishing and filming the whole thing was a cool experience and I hope we can do more projects like this. 

During this week I learned a lot and already have a ton of new ideas in my head. 

There's still lots to improve but this was just beginning of a hopefully long-living partnership between Project Bassthumb and T-Nerd Productions.


I would like to thank Andreas aka T-Nerd Production for the awesome work on this project and coming with us despite the heat and bugs everywhere :)






Another big thanks goes out to Duo International who supported this project!


And last but not least, as always, a huge thanks to Housi who does an important part in organising the whole trips!


Muchas Gracias!


Thanks for your time!








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