GO OUTSIDE - just go outside, outside your room, your apartment, your community, your city, your country, your COMFORT ZONE. It doesn’t matter what you do, just DO SOMETHING GOOD, something that makes you happy and alive.


OPEN YOUR MIND - think, ask, understand, try new things, talk to people, observe your surroundings, LEARN from all the impressions you get, make up your own mind. Travel the world or explore your backyard, everywhere there are things to see and learn from.

Give respect to earn RESPECT and most importantly, as in “da mystery of chessboxin - wu-tang”, you must THINK FIRST before you MOVE!


FISH HARD - whatever you do, fishing or anything else, go hard and do it with LOVE. It doesn’t matter what others think as long as you are convinced of doing the right thing, your thing!


Project Bassthumb started back in 2013 as a blog to document my 11 month stay in a language school in San Diego, CA.

During this "best time of my life" I  my passion, bassfishing.

I didn't blow up as I wished I would but I learned a lot and improved my skills and knowledge. Back in Switzerland it took me some time to accept that my time in California, the place I feel like I belong to, is temporarily over and I found myself back in my old swiss life… I realized how important it is to travel, to learn about other cultures, to see places and to meet new people.


Nowadays, Project Bassthumb is the platform to share my fishing adventures which have already brought me to some amazing places. I am more motivated than ever to keep this going and explore as much of this interesting world as possible. There’s still so many beautiful fish to catch, breathtaking places to see and mind-blowing experiences to make!


Welcome to the show!


Joel - www.projectbassthumb.com

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