fresh fish · 31. October 2023
pike westin shadteez custom color schweiz hecht
Huge bycatch while trying to catch a big swiss pike!
fresh fish · 19. October 2023
Following a trend - Holland 03.2023
European predator angler seem all to go to one place - Netherlands! As a fan of fishing for big perch I knew that sooner or later I'd have to give in and join the masses... But did I find the perch? Find it out here!
BASS · 01. February 2023
Back to the jungle! - Colombia 01.2023
Can't do much wrong starting the new year with a fishing trip to the Colombian jungle. From being hyped up to questioning myself all way to finding a moment of inner peace...
fresh fish · 01. December 2022
Mission +50 Perch 2.0 - Spain 2022
After a first trip to this lake a year before I wanted to give it another shot with the hope to catch some more MegaPerch. I had wind, rain, fog and sun but did I find some perch too? - Find out here!
BASS · 04. October 2022
Eco Tourism - Solution or just another problem?
The struggle for survival of the indigenous people in the Colombian jungle.
BASS · 04. October 2022
SA-AN - Fascination Peacock Bass - Colombia 2022
SA-AN - Fascination Peacock Bass - Colombia 2022 Exploring a part deep in the Colombian jungle that barely had been fished with artificial lures before ever! Read all about it here!
BASS · 03. April 2022
Looking for the Pre-Spawn Giant - Spain 2022
14 consecutive days on the water in Spain during the Largemouth Bass Pre-Spawn primetime looking for the biggest European Bass possible...
BASS · 01. March 2022
Looking for a Giant - Colombia 2022
two weeks on my favourite Peacock Bass river, fishing for giants and meeting bass-legends.
fresh fish · 30. November 2021
Where the Mega Perch live - Spain 2021
My first time fishing for truly trophy perch in Spain!
BASS · 09. November 2021
Chasing Monster Largemouth Bass - Spain, Spring 2021
A report about my first ever trip to one of the most famous Largemouth Bass fisheries in Europe!

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