first fish since return

My life changed a lot since I don't live in San Diego anymore. I got back to a kinda boring daily routine I was used to before. Work, eat, sleep... Actually it's not much left of the beautiful life I used to live in California except the memories that I remember daily. I try to go fishing as much as possible. In the beginning I stood at the water hoping for a big pike in the cold darkness, moved over trying to catch a trout but both wasn't successful yet. Fishing here is way different from California. I really miss these warm days on the water searching for the next action. Soon, end of may, I will return to san Diego for two weeks vacation. I'm so looking forward to see some friends, traveling around and hopefully find some time for the fishing I'm so missing. See you soon oh beautiful California! Anyway, the reason I'm writing this post is to tell you about something else. Two days ago, after work, I went out on a local river to for a fishing session. I moved along the water with a light spinning setup looking for some hungry chubs. After an hour or so I finally located a few fish, immediately got bite but lost all three fish which I hooked in a few casts. From one moment to another the fish disappeared and I made a last cast. Right next to a parked boat something hammered my bait and went over to a powerful fight. I was hoping for the mother of all chubs when just a moment later a nice pike appeared in the clear water. Due to the fine 6lb leader I was fishing I excepted to lose the pike with his sharp teeth. After a few short runs my leader was still in one piece and the fish in my hand.




Caught on a Keitech Little Spider 2'' on a Tict inbite & Daiwa Fuego 1500 Thanks for reading&stay tuned for more! Peace!

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