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BASS · 03. April 2022
Looking for the Pre-Spawn Giant - Spain 2022
14 consecutive days on the water in Spain during the Largemouth Bass Pre-Spawn primetime looking for the biggest European Bass possible...
fresh fish · 30. November 2021
Where the Mega Perch live - Spain 2021
My first time fishing for truly trophy perch in Spain!
BASS · 04. March 2020
How I somehow became a fishing guide... the story
fresh fish · 02. October 2017
for years I've never caught a pike really worth showing off... until today!
BASS · 02. May 2017
chasing monster peacock bass in colombia 2017.
BASS · 23. February 2017
looking for peacock bass in brazil on the famous Kalua, 2017.
fresh fish · 20. June 2016
fishing in Switzerland can be fun too...
BASS · 06. March 2016
first time in Colombia. what a trip!
BASS · 21. March 2015
second trip to brazil - on the hunt for my first double D Peacock Bass!
BASS · 21. December 2014
first time in South America, first time in the jungle, first time fishing for Peacock Bass - amazing! pt. 2

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