Back to the jungle!

Since the trip to Spain back in february I wasn't fishing at all. Swiss winters are cold, gloomy and make me kinda unmotivated to do anything at all. So this upcoming Amazon trip with my buddy Daniel, our second adventure like this, came just in the right time to heal my wintertime sadness. We knew that the chosen date wasn't perfect, on the beginning of march the peacock season is almost over, the rain season is coming and the jungle will be flooded soon. The main reason we booked this trip was to not lose our money we already paid, back in september for our first peacock week in november 2014. But then our organisator cancelled our expedition one week before departure. With luck we were able to get two spaces in another camp on the same date. But the first organisator didn't want to refund our money, we could only book another trip. It turned out that the only available trip in the near future was the one we went on, so our options were kind of limited. But enough of these unimportant background details. This is a fishing report and no explanation why and how I got all the way from Switzerland to the Brazilian Amazon twice in just a few months. On march 5 around lunchtime we arrived at the airport in Manaus, after tackle shopping and good food we were definitely ready for some serious peacock bass fishing! The next day we made our way to a local airport from where we flew to Barcelos. The houseboat there was ready to go and so were we! We soon realized that the peacock season was almost over, we were the last group on our boat. The rest of the over 60 boats starting from Barcelos already prepared for the coming winter season. The water levels still seemed ok so we set off with heightened anticipation. But the first few days turned out more than meager. Apart a 15lb peacock for Daniel, he and myself didn't get much fish. A few smaller ones and other species but the peacocks didn't seem in the right mood to feed. Often the fish tried more to chase our lures out their territory instead of really eating it. Sometimes we casted for hours without any bite or other action.



- rare view - Daniel fighting a big fish, our guide is ready to land -



- nice first fish -



- we mostly caught smaller Borbolettas (Butterfly Peacocks) -



- spots for days but no fish... -







- dead trees -




We gave our best and fished all day long, even when our guide had to take a sh*t we didn't stop throwing lures.



- amazing view -




I paid attention to leave nothing but footprints behind us... What can you do if the fish don't bite? Right, post a picture of the sunset instead^^




…one more? Why not!





- by the way, that was our cool houseboat, the "Tayacu" -




We tried new spots, day after day...




…still no fish, sorry!




- If there's a will, there will be a way! -



- Fish on but wrong species... -



- …with nasty teeth. -


DSC_0284- empty peacock nests -



- another Traira -



- Rainbow in the sky -





- new spots, no fish... …so how about some more nature? -






The other two groups also couldn't really find a way to impress our fishy friends. So the frustration grew and finally the crew decided to change direction and drive down to the Rio Negro.



- impressive size of the river -


Down there, the water level also started to rise and the fishing stayed hard. We couldn't really improve the quantity of catches, best day brought us both together 15 peacocks. At least we found some big fish too and so in the end it came it not too bad for us two, still we excepted more. "But that's why you call it fishing and not catching", a saying I heard multiple times during this week. In the end I broke my old personal best peacock of 9.5lb four times! Daniel caught some nice ones as well, with his biggest 2lb heavier than my new PB.



- Finally! My first good fish of the trip with 13lb -




We discovered cool new lakes...








We always had a great and funny lunchtime^^ Otherwise we usually had a blast while fishing even though the fish didn't want to bite. Our guide tried his best to bring us to some big fish and kept up the positive vibes.



- My 14 pounder! -



- safely released -



- pretty Paca on the chopper -



- Arawana for surprise -



- 11 pounder that fought like there would be no tomorrow, we all excepted a bigger fish but hey, I take that too! -



Our amount of tackle, yes we only brought what's really necessary.^^ We still had more stuff than the other 4 anglers together...



…and that's a tree, right! I haven't posted a nature pic in while, or did I?


The last day I went out alone with our guide because another client on the boat was so pissed about the modest outcome and the communication difficulties with his guide and our host, so we offered that Daniel goes fishing with him and helps communicating with the guide. It turned out to be the "worst" day for me, looking at the fishing. I caught a total of two peacocks and one Cara. Still, thanks to the guide, I had a great day full of jokes and laughter. Despite my missing portuguese skills, I just used some simple words I picked up during the week and we were laughing all day long.



- at least one of the two was good sized -



- first time I saw and caught a Cara -



- out of nothing the guide landed this pretty fish on my High Roller -



the non-fishing highlight of the day was this cool monkey we could observe for some minutes before it disappeared back into the jungle.




And then we found ourself back in Barcelos, the trip was over and the following two days were spent traveling back to Switzerland. We didn't catch lots of fish but we caught some really nice ones. I personally had to admit that I rather catch a few good sized fish than a lot of small Borbolettas. Sure, I wouldn't have been mad if we caught some more but in the end I am happy with the result of this week. Just to be in the Amazon and to see all these amazing plants and animals is an honor to me and I'm really thankful for that. I hope to will be able to fish the amazon in the coming season as well. A few things are already in planning, so stay tuned! Oh, hold on! I almost forgot my new personal best Tucunaré...




15 amazing pounds! Caught on a Jig from Ultimate Peacock Bass Jigs, like all other big ones I caught this week. Great jigs with strong hooks, I haven't found any better ones till now! Also friendly and courteous customer service! Check them out! http://www.ultimatepeacockbassjigs.com

That is my report about another great week of peacock bass fishing in the amazon, may more trips like this happen!

Thanks for your time!




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