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travel tips · 18. June 2018
You are preparing for your fishing adventure in the jungle? - Great! Here are some things that deserve a place on your packing list.
fresh fish · 02. October 2017
for years I've never caught a pike really worth showing off... until today!
tackle tips · 07. August 2017
how to properly weight big (peacock) bass without breaking their jaws.
fresh fish · 29. June 2017
review on my perch season 2017.
BASS!  · 02. May 2017
chasing monster peacock bass in colombia 2017.
BASS!  · 06. March 2016
first time in Colombia. what a trip!
BASS!  · 29. August 2015
looking for the famous double D Largemouth Bass in Cuba...
BASS!  · 21. December 2014
first time in South America, first time in the jungle, first time fishing for Peacock Bass - amazing! pt. 2
BASS!  · 16. July 2013
hiking up lake ramona in search of bass...
BASS!  · 06. May 2013
Because the bad weather today i decided to try out the San Diego River for my first time. I parked my car behind the Fashion Valley Shopping Mall and just started walking along the river. Where ever possible I went down to the water and fished these nice urban spots. After a few spots without fish I got a bite somewhere in the middle of the river. Small Bass but better than nothing and at least my first river bass! Unfortunately I had already to go back after a few more casts but I will come...
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