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BASS · 24. March 2020
memorable moments from my first season as a Peacock Bass guide in Colombia, 2020.
BASS · 04. March 2020
How I somehow became a fishing guide... the story
travel tips · 18. June 2018
You are preparing for your fishing adventure in the jungle? - Great! Here are some things that deserve a place on your packing list.
BASS · 24. January 2016
fishing with Anthony 5oz Hunt in the Everglades, FL
BASS · 29. August 2015
looking for the famous double D Largemouth Bass in Cuba...
BASS · 14. January 2015
reservoir hopping on a spanish island...
BASS · 29. June 2014
back in San Diego! 2014
EF San Diego '13 · 24. November 2013
short review on the best year of my life so far.. california love!
BASS · 09. November 2013
first double D Largemouth Bass! California love!
BASS · 22. September 2013
This wednesday morning I went back to Lake Morena for a few hours. caught this guy on a spot from last time after the first few casts. all around the lake I saw skeletons like this from carps, catfish and also some bass. looks like the birds there like to eat fish. after it slowed down and I just got some bites and a baby bass. unfortunately I already had to leave in the afternoon due some school stuff I had to do. hope I can go back there again! thanks for reading&stay tuned for more! -...

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