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travel tips · 18. June 2018
You are preparing for your fishing adventure in the jungle? - Great! Here are some things that deserve a place on your packing list.
BASS!  · 24. January 2016
fishing with Anthony 5oz Hunt in the Everglades, FL
BASS!  · 29. August 2015
looking for the famous double D Largemouth Bass in Cuba...
BASS!  · 14. January 2015
reservoir hopping on a spanish island...
BASS!  · 29. June 2014
back in San Diego! 2014
EF San Diego '13 · 24. November 2013
short review on the best year of my life so far.. california love!
BASS!  · 09. November 2013
first double D Largemouth Bass! California love!
BASS!  · 22. September 2013
This wednesday morning I went back to Lake Morena for a few hours. caught this guy on a spot from last time after the first few casts. all around the lake I saw skeletons like this from carps, catfish and also some bass. looks like the birds there like to eat fish. after it slowed down and I just got some bites and a baby bass. unfortunately I already had to leave in the afternoon due some school stuff I had to do. hope I can go back there again! thanks for reading&stay tuned for more! -...
BASS!  · 09. September 2013
this is a continuation from my last post: Day 4 - After a one hour drive from Lake Morena to Lake Jennings I checked in on the almost empty campground. It was so hot that I just could sit in the shadow drinking water, sweating it out and again and again... Later in the afternoon the friendly lady from the campground suggested me to fish Jennings from the shore. So I went down to the lake a started throwing cranksbaits and...

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