short comeback!

As I wrote in my last post I lately spent two weeks back in Cali. Of course I wanted to go fishing as much as possible but you might know yourself that it's not always that easy when traveling with other people who aren't interested in fishing.


So the first week I wasn't able to fish at all. We passed some good looking waters but I couldn't bring my buddy to stop for a few casts. So the second week which we spent on campus and not always driving around I finally got some time for fishing.


Unfortunately my friend I was fishing with last year moved to Oregon and another was on vacation during the time I was in San Diego. Because our car was just rented on my friends name I wasn' really able to visit lakes far away from campus. I wanted to see Hodges but exactly on Wednesday, when the lake is open, I already made plans. So the easiest option was Lake Miramar which I then fished a few times. If you know Miramar you also know about the difficult shore fishing due the heavy vegetation. Fortunately they took up the boat rental again so one morning I rented one of their boats for a couple hours before I had to be back on campus.


This day I started fishing as I learned last year. Weightless worms, drop-shot and even a smaller swimbait. I fished a few hours without any action. A little disappointed I made my way back to the dock to return my boat. I decided to make a last stop and casted my rig toward the shore. All of a sudden I felt something slightly hitting my bait. I set the hook and a few moments later i landed my first bass since a way too long time. Mission complete!




Even it's not that big I was happy again and felt pure joy! Thank u Miramar!


Despite further attempts this should be my only bass for these two weeks.




I already miss bass fishing again and hope I will be able to fish for these cool guys again soon!


thanks for reading&stay tuned for more!



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