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travel tips · 08. December 2013
some adresses in Los Angeles
EF San Diego '13 · 08. July 2013
There are four big, famous shopping malls close to the campus. There you can shop clothes till your credit card is dead! Have fun! :D LAS AMERICAS Biggest outlet in the area, located directly at the mexican border. So if you go by car don't miss the last exit, otherwise you drive directly into Tijuana, Mexico. In Las Americas you find all kinds of clothing brands but not all sell their products to real outlet prices. Anyway a must go if you love shopping. By car around half an hour from campus....
EF San Diego '13 · 30. June 2013
Here my opinion what to take with for a stay at EF San Diego. I put my thoughts in a list of 12 things together which are in my mind the most important. - clothing: Pack your clothes wisely, depending on your budget and the duration of your stay. Don't bring too much stuff, our luggage weight for the flight is really limited and you can buy a lot of nice clothes here in the US. Remember, most of your favorite brands are american and compared to most other countries cheaper here. For example, I...
EF San Diego '13 · 16. June 2013
Because of school vacation four friends and me decided to do a little roadtrip along the california coast. We rent a Chrysler Van for this which has enough space for 5 guys and allt heir stuff needed. SATURDAY 6/8/2013 We started last saturday early in the morning and drove directly to Santa Barbara. There we took a motel for one night and spent the rest of the day with visiting the city, cooking food and my friends tried to find a good nightclub. Unfortunately, my 19 years don't allow me to go...
EF San Diego '13 · 01. June 2013
A lot of people who come here doesn't calculate enough money for the transportation here. The guys in the EF office in Switzerland, and in other countries too I heard, told me that everything in San Diego is really close and the public transportation works well compared to other US-cities. That might be true but as a student in EF is this just the half of the truth. The campus is not in downtown but in a neighborhood called Scripps Ranch which is away from downtown and the beaches. There is a...
EF San Diego '13 · 23. May 2013
Last weekend two friends and me went to Los Angeles for the weekend. Saturday noon we arrived on the Fairfax Blvd for some shopping. There are a few shops from some street brands like Pink Dolphin, Supreme, DOPE and my personal favorite Diamond Supply Co. Next destination was the spot to take pictures from the hollywood sign... ...from where we went to the famous Walk of Fame. There are a lot of people who want your money. Pay attention and don't believe everything. The people there are...
15. May 2013
Again and again! Yesterday I spent again on Lake Barret float tubing. The morning was not bad and I caught several fish on Deps Stabcraw and Megabass V-Flat Spinnerbait. I also could watch bass which chased small fish in the shallow water, nice spectacle! Unfortunately I forgot my SD-Card on the campus so sorry for just some iPhone Pics. The afternoon was really slow and I just caught one last fish... Even the bad afternoon I'm happy again about catching some bass! Thanks for reading - stay...
EF San Diego '13 · 07. May 2013
Last weekend some friends an me finally went to mexico for the first time. At the border San Diego/Tijuana The easiest way to go anywhere around Tijuana is to take a taxi. Directly after the border is a kind of taxi station where u can get taxis to all the destinations in this area. Our group of five people got a taxi to our hotel in Rosarito (maybe 40 minutes from Tijuana) for $50. The cabs here are relatively cheap and bring you almost everywhere. If you're looking for a shop, restaurant or...
EF San Diego '13 · 17. February 2013
February 16, 2013 I did a bus tour all the way through Death Valley. one day after Death Valley I visited the Grand Canyon in Arizona. the landscape is just beautiful but for me it was definitely too cold for a desert, look at the snow!
EF San Diego '13 · 05. January 2013
January 5, 2013 After the introductions by the school, all the new students went to a bus tour through San Diego. Here some pics I took while the tour. Sealions @ La Jolla La Jolla View from Mount Soledad Mount Soledad Mount Soledad Tree @ Mount Soledad Cactus @ Mount Soledad Skyline San Diego
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