EF SD: what to pack for SD

Here my opinion what to take with for a stay at EF San Diego. I put my thoughts in a list of 12 things together which are in my mind the most important.


- clothing: Pack your clothes wisely, depending on your budget and the duration of your stay. Don't bring too much stuff, our luggage weight for the flight is really limited and you can buy a lot of nice clothes here in the US. Remember, most of your favorite brands are american and compared to most other countries cheaper here. For example, I arrived in San Diego with just three shirts, one pair of shorts, one jeans, underwear, socks and five hats. which was enough for the first few days.


- sunglasses: The californian sun is quit strong and not all people are used to this. It can be very helpful if you can protect your eyes the first few days. I used to go outside with my shade son only the first few months.


- sanitary articles: Of course you can buy all this stuff here. But on the other hand you might not get to a shop immediately after your arrival. So bring the most important articles with you and the rest you can shop with the first opportunity.


- laptop/camera: Take the if you have, it's a good way to share your experiences and stay in contact with your people at home. Some students also buy all electronics here because they are cheaper than in their countries.


- handy: It can safe your first day if you have a working phone on you during your travel. Maybe a flight could get cancelled or your shuttle could be late or doesn't even come. During your stay it's good to have an american number. Sometimes hotels or online shops might ask for a number to do a reservation or order.


- chargers: Don't forget the chargers to all your electronics. Some people feel really uncomfortable if their laptop or whatever runs out of battery and they can't recharge it.


- adapter: Remember that the energy plugs in the US are different from other countries. To use the electronics from your country you might have to use an adapter.


- personal things: It depends on the person but I have already seen students who got homesick after a few days here. Special things with a special meaning could help you getting over the homesickness.


- home food: In the beginning of your stay you have to get used to the US food. If you could have problems with this, bring some food from home for the first few days. Like chocolate if your swiss for example. But pay attention! It's official not allowed to bring food over the border.


- driving license: Don't forget your driving license if you have one! To rent a car it's necessary having a valid license on you and for legal driving too of course.


- cash for the start: Have some money on you during the travel in case of any kind of emergency. You might also be happy if the first thing after your arrival is not finding an ATM-machine to take money.


large enough suitcase: To transport all these articles noted down you need of course a good bag or suitcase. Always remember that you probably will come home with more stuff than you left. Chose your luggage big enough but pay attention to not load them over the weight limit of your flight company.


This list might net be complete but maybe a little help to some of you!

thanks for reading - PEACE!

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