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BASS · 24. January 2016
fishing with Anthony 5oz Hunt in the Everglades, FL
EF San Diego '13 · 24. November 2013
short review on the best year of my life so far.. california love!
BASS · 22. September 2013
This wednesday morning I went back to Lake Morena for a few hours. caught this guy on a spot from last time after the first few casts. all around the lake I saw skeletons like this from carps, catfish and also some bass. looks like the birds there like to eat fish. after it slowed down and I just got some bites and a baby bass. unfortunately I already had to leave in the afternoon due some school stuff I had to do. hope I can go back there again! thanks for reading&stay tuned for more! -...
BASS · 16. September 2013
BASS · 08. September 2013
Day 2 - I woke up early around 7am due to the uncomfortable ground. So i packed my tent and continued my trip to lake morena. My campground was already booked and after a friendly check-in I drove directly to the lake. What a beauty! I caught quick two small ones on finesse worms. "this lake has potential!" i told myself, returned to the camping, built up my tent and went back to the lake. I decided to fish the rest of the afternoon on my float tube to discover the lake a little bit. In the...
BASS · 18. August 2013
today I was supposed to be at my friends house at 5am. unfortunately I fell asleep while waiting and i woke up at 6am. my friend is a really nice guy, so I drove immediately down to lower otay where my buddy picked me up. in the first hour I managed to catch at least 4 smaller bass. the biggest one on the new Keitech Salty Core Stick. after five more hours without any bites, we decided to go back home. my friend had an appointment in the afternoon so we had to go anyway. on the way back I...
28. July 2013
I was invited to fish lake skinner today. after one hour drive my friend and I finally arrived and shortly afterwards we were already on the water... In the early morning we both managed to catch some bass but nothing worth a picture. Noon and afternoon were really hard to me while my buddy caught some more.. After fishing dropshot, wacky, spinnerbait, deep crank and big baits I decided to fish a buzz bait in the early evening. my friend was just laughing and meant I wouldn't get anything on my...
BASS · 16. July 2013
hiking up lake ramona in search of bass...
BASS · 07. July 2013
wednesday afternoon one of my californian friends and me hit lower otay. for me it was the first time on this lake and I already heard good stories about it, so I was excited to try out something new. both of us managed to catch some dinks, my friend got a maybe 2lb and my biggest was also not really big... bass straight out the grass on Deps Deathadder Shad weedless on a Owner Swimbait Hook. even I hoped for some bigger ones, it was nice to fish a new lake and I'm sure that I will go back...
BASS · 26. June 2013
just wanted to show you my first fish from murray I caught last week. tubed murray this morning again, without fish and also the evening session on lake miramar brought me just one small bass. hope I will catch some big ones soon. thanks for reading - stay tuned for more!

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