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travel tips · 08. December 2013
some adresses in Los Angeles
EF San Diego '13 · 24. November 2013
short review on the best year of my life so far.. california love!
salty fish · 30. October 2013
checking out the canal behind my apartment in oahu...
EF San Diego '13 · 12. October 2013
After my first few days here in Honolulu I was disappointed, the city is full of tourists and like other big cities. Not really the peaceful natural place I excepted. Today I went with EF Honolulu, my school, to the north shore. I was impressed by the beauty of the nature there and for the first time happy about my change! We visited several beaches and view points, just amazing! Here some impressions of todays trip... h Unfortunately I can't rent a car here on Hawaii because of the age limit...
EF San Diego '13 · 30. June 2013
Here my opinion what to take with for a stay at EF San Diego. I put my thoughts in a list of 12 things together which are in my mind the most important. - clothing: Pack your clothes wisely, depending on your budget and the duration of your stay. Don't bring too much stuff, our luggage weight for the flight is really limited and you can buy a lot of nice clothes here in the US. Remember, most of your favorite brands are american and compared to most other countries cheaper here. For example, I...
EF San Diego '13 · 01. June 2013
A lot of people who come here doesn't calculate enough money for the transportation here. The guys in the EF office in Switzerland, and in other countries too I heard, told me that everything in San Diego is really close and the public transportation works well compared to other US-cities. That might be true but as a student in EF is this just the half of the truth. The campus is not in downtown but in a neighborhood called Scripps Ranch which is away from downtown and the beaches. There is a...
BASS · 23. May 2013
This monday afternoon I went after some earlier tries in january for the first time fishing. This time with the float tube so I could finally fish all the nice shore. Already after a few minutes I caught a first baby bass. Some casts later the next fish was on! I just had time to fish one of the arms and got totally 5 bass plus lost a bigger one. No big fish again but a still a fun afternoon!
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