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EF San Diego '13 · 20. June 2013
10 tips for a successful road trip (as an EF student) 1. plan the route We did our trip without any specific route. That is on one side good because you can discover beautiful places you didn't now and stay some time or maybe one night there. On the other side was it bad when the day was coming to an end and we didn't know where we want to stay. Especially on the highway nr. 1 can it get difficult to find a place to stay if the next village or city is 50 miles away. So you don't have to plan...
EF San Diego '13 · 16. June 2013
Because of school vacation four friends and me decided to do a little roadtrip along the california coast. We rent a Chrysler Van for this which has enough space for 5 guys and allt heir stuff needed. SATURDAY 6/8/2013 We started last saturday early in the morning and drove directly to Santa Barbara. There we took a motel for one night and spent the rest of the day with visiting the city, cooking food and my friends tried to find a good nightclub. Unfortunately, my 19 years don't allow me to go...
EF San Diego '13 · 23. May 2013
Last weekend two friends and me went to Los Angeles for the weekend. Saturday noon we arrived on the Fairfax Blvd for some shopping. There are a few shops from some street brands like Pink Dolphin, Supreme, DOPE and my personal favorite Diamond Supply Co. Next destination was the spot to take pictures from the hollywood sign... ...from where we went to the famous Walk of Fame. There are a lot of people who want your money. Pay attention and don't believe everything. The people there are...
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