vacation camping: lake jennings

this is a continuation from my last post: http://projectbassthumb.com/2013/09/09/vacation-camping-lake-morena/


Day 4 - After a one hour drive from Lake Morena to Lake Jennings I checked in on the almost empty campground.


It was so hot that I just could sit in the shadow drinking water, sweating it out and again and again... Later in the afternoon the friendly lady from the campground suggested me to fish Jennings from the shore. So I went down to the lake a started throwing cranksbaits and topwaters as suggested by the newest fishing report. No fish for me from Jennings, same like my last visit a month before. I was impressed by the nature which was looking even better in the sunlight of the evening sun.






View on Lake Jennings




I was definitely at the right spot.




During the night some rabbits scared the hell out of me with walking along my tent. Finally I found some sleep after a hard but good day!


Day 5 - Thursday I enjoyed the morning sun, cleaned up all my stuff and returned back to my friends! Most of them left this weekend so I wanted to spend some more time with them. What I did.


I really can say I'm proud on what I did these few days and I'm really happy about how everything came out!


I hope to get back to Lake Morena soon and to catch some more fatties before my departure in November!


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thanks for reading&stay tuned for more action! Peace!

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