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EF San Diego '13 · 31. August 2013
my school gave me again two weeks vacation so I went with a friend to Los Angeles monday. we took a bus tour through hollywood and walked the Walk of Fame. after a long sleep in our hotel we drove down to Venice Beach where we spent some hours walking and enjoying Venice. the weather this two days was very hot, summer definitely arrived in California! after a few hours under the burning sun we had to take a break and decided after to drive back. as always there was a lot of traffic everywhere...
EF San Diego '13 · 23. May 2013
Last weekend two friends and me went to Los Angeles for the weekend. Saturday noon we arrived on the Fairfax Blvd for some shopping. There are a few shops from some street brands like Pink Dolphin, Supreme, DOPE and my personal favorite Diamond Supply Co. Next destination was the spot to take pictures from the hollywood sign... ...from where we went to the famous Walk of Fame. There are a lot of people who want your money. Pay attention and don't believe everything. The people there are...
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