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BASS!  · 20. March 2013
this morning I was again on lake dixon. the plan was to catch some bass on swimbait. but the bass didn't want like me and so I had to change my strategy and decided to fish a jig. right decision, finally a bass got angry and ate that stupid craw who entered his area.
BASS!  · 14. March 2013
after almost 2 months of trying, today I caught my first bass, finally! this afternoon I went up to Lake Dixon in beautiful Escondido. The days before I used to fish Jigs, Cranks and Spinnerbaits which didn't bring any success. So I decided today to try out Drop-Shot. After a few casts and spot changes I had a bite and little later my first BASS in my hands. Yashaaaa! Not that big but my first fish since I'm here! Stay tuned for more! Some impressions from Lake Dixon at the end. Thanks for...
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