fishing with friends

Since I arrived in San Diego people always ask me to come fishing with me. Unfortunately we don't have a lake around where I just can go and catch some bass for fun. So I had to find something else where I can bring my friends, so they can relax and with a bit of luck catch a fish.


I found a pond near the campus with catfish, carps, gills and some baby bass in it. In the beginning I was scared that they don't catch anything so they will be bored after half an hour. But we were lucky and already the first cast brought one of my friends his first catfish. Since then they are kind of infected too and in the last two weeks we went 5 or 6 times pond fishing. For my friends the set up has to be easy, so they fish a piece of bread on a drop shot hook and as help I organized them some floats. It works for them, they have fun so I'm happy too, what else!


The only thing they won't learn I guess is to touch a fish^^. But even if I don't like to touch catfishes it's in the end me who has to take the fish.










We even caught a goldfish aka koi which fought very nice!






IMG_2504 IMG_2633

Me personally I don't like this style of fishing but to see all of them happy just sitting and watching the float is worth to do something like this.


Hope they will catch a really big one soon, heard a 8 lb catfish should be in the pond.


Thanks for reading&take your friends fishing! - Peace!


Add 02.2018 - In case anybody reads this... It's been 5 years now and I still have these fishing session in best memory and really miss these times on the water with all these ebautiful people. Probably the best fishing experience I've made outside me fishing seriously. Thank you!

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